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Swag Sponsorship
7/15/2020 - 9/25/2020

Given the situation on our campuses and in the world and the disconnection we are all feeling, NEAIR is sending a box filled with swag to our conference attendees.  Our conference was supposed to be in Baltimore so we are sending the famous Berger cookies and Goetz candies.  We hope to send the favorite NEAIR pen and a journal.  Our theme for the box is be healthy and comfie at home.   Think about how encouraged attendees will be when they open the box and find your goodies inside.  Sponsors can either pay for an item to be branded OR send a branded item (size limitations apply).  

SPONSOR PROVIDES ITEM ($500) - sponsor ships their branded item to the fulfillment company for insertion into swag box.

SPONSOR SELECT ITEM OF CHOICE (up to $2000) - sponsor can choose from a list of items to branded for insertion into swag box.

Questions? Contact JR Bjerklie, NEAIR Sponsor Coordinator; or Beth Simpson, NEAIR Event Planner

Buy Swag ends on 9/11/2020