Change: The Only Constant - Rachel Groenhout
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern
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Change is pervasive in higher education and can be experienced in myriad ways. Depending on how a change is managed, a great idea can fall flat in implementation and a sub-standard one can take off like wildfire with the right marketing and resources. In this workshop, we’ll explore strategic change management practices to help us foster successful adaptation and transformation within our organizations. We will explore common reactions to change, the process of advancing through the stages of resisting, accepting, and embracing change, and the role of organizational culture in change management. Participants will review strategies for bolstering executive support, designing changes with end-user adoption in mind, identifying stakeholders, ensuring comprehensive communications, responding to resistance, implementing change, and measuring success. This workshop is appropriate for all audiences, and resources shared may be applied to myriad change efforts, from managing changes to IR data and projects, to leading organizational change efforts.

This webinar is for all audiences

Presenter: Rachel Groenhout, Colby College 
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